50L Blusoak Kit – Sustainable irrigation with Blusoak Kit


Blumat Kit designed for 50L pots.

Never have to worry about watering again!

Pot is optional.

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Take all of the watering difficulties out of the equation while saving on water with Blumat and watch your plants thrive like never before! No electricity, no timers, no batteries and almost no maintenance required, it can be connected to a reservoir or straight to your tap with a Blumat pressure reducer.

 The kit is adapted to provide adequate watering to a 50L pot. The sensors (carrot) will automatically sense the moisture in your garden and water it according to the level you have set the sensor at.

 This kit works on both pressure and gravity systems although to avoid any issues try and have your reservoir a minimum of 1m to 1.5m above your garden for kits using drippers and 1.8m for kits using soaker hose to insure sufficient pressure in a gravity fed system.

The Kit includes: 

  • 1 Short Blumat sensor
  • 1 Long Blumat sensor
  • 1m of Blusoak
  • 2 Blusoak to 3mm fittings


Other items to consider when starting a system from scratch (Not included in the kit):

  • Connection to your water supply (Pressure reducer or Reservoir with thru-hull fitting)
  • Valves to purge lines of air or switch off the water supply
  • 8mm and 3mm tubing
  • Various fittings
  • Digital moisture meter

 If you have any further questions or require a custom design don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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