Tropf Blumat Short


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The Blumat Tropf Standard Sensor is a 5″ (end to end) “carrot” sensor, and is used to extend your existing Blumat Automatic Watering System. The sensor includes a short piece of 3mm Blumat drip tube and a 8-8-3mm T-Piece that will fit into the 8mm Blumat water supply line.

The Blumat Tropf system works by using gravity and the capillary interaction between the soil and the orange Blumat clay “carrot” cones. When the soil or substrate is dry, it will create a suction inside the water filled cone tubes – opening the diaphragm at the top of the carrot and allowing water to drip from the tubing. Once the soil around the clay cone becomes moist, this suction will cease and close the diaphragm again.

This allows for each individual pot to be watered automatically only when needed, and a single Tropf system can have up to 500* watering points ! The “carrot” does the thinking for you !

Please note: The water tank must be at least 0.5 m higher than the Blumat Tropf system for every 5 m of tube but no more than 14 meters higher. ( * DETAILED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS HERE )

Please read the DETAILED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS carefully, as these will tell you all about “the soaking of the carrots” and how to set up each carrot individually.

Use your Blumat Tropf Standard Sensor when you need to water additional pots and to extend the range of your existing Blumat Automatic Watering System. Blumat takes the hassles out of keeping your potted plants hydrated and healthy !