Soil Testing – Optimize Soil Health with Easy Testing


Tired of not knowing, of struggling with issues, of having disappointing harvests ? It is time to put that behind you and test your soil.

By knowing exactly what nutrition is in your soil you can start planning and predicting growth, prevent the issues and eliminate the bad harvests.

It is time to stop guessing and grow like a pro !


We are using Logan labs in the US, one of the most reputable and used lab for cannabis soil testing. Each lab has different testing method and results do not usually translate and compare form one lab to the next. By utilising Logan labs we are able to compare and discuss soil results with some of the most experienced grower and therefore provide you with top of the line nutrient targets developed specifically for cannabis.

Results take approximately 7-14 days upon receipt of the soil sample.

The 2 principal test we offer are the Standard test and the Saturated paste test. But what does it mean ?

The Standard Test uses a strong acid to extract all nutrient present in the soil. This gives us a great representation of the total amount of nutrient present in the soil whether they are available to the plant or locked away in mineral or organic matter. In human terms this would represent your bank account, all your wealth combined. The Standard test does not change drastically throughout a season and is usually only recommended 1-2 times per season unless the soil is in need of major work.

The Saturated Paste Test uses distilled water to extract all soluble nutrients present in the soil. This gives us a representation of how much of the nutrients previously quantified are available to the plants at a given time. In human terms this would represent your wallet, only what you have available at a given time. The saturated paste changes a lot throughout the season and the growth stage of the plant and is usually recommended 1-3 times per crop season.

When testing for the first time it is advised to do a complete test with extras in order to get a full picture of the soil and to provide more accurate recommendations eventhough a saturated paste test can still provide major insight on the state of your soil.

How does it work ?

Step 1:

Download the questionnaire form after purchasing your soil test, fill it in and send it back to us. This will provide us with the necessary information to issue you a personalised soil report based on your requirements.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the questionnaire you will find detailed instructions as to how to collect a soil sample in order to improves the accuracy of the test. Collect your sample and send it to us at one of the address mentioned at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Step 3:

The laboratory will send us back the results and within 24 hours we will revert to you with a full soil report containing the following (If recommendations were purchased):

-Interpretation – General notes and observations on the health and balance of your soil as well as its limitations.

-Recommendations – Detailed list of amendments and rates of application in order to bring the soil back to balance.

-Fertility management tips – Advices on how to maintain fertility in the soil during the season.


For further information or if you would like to perform a specific water or soil test, please contact us.



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