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All natural gardening cleaning product and pest repellant. Safe to spray throughout life cycle of plant

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EM-5 is an incredibly versatile non-toxic insect repellant and a strong natural cleaning agent that can be used on both plants as well as equipment, tools, etc… It is brewed using beneficial microbes that remain in solution and contains high levels of anti-oxidant which can help suppress diseases and increase the plant’s resistence against pests and pathogens. EM-5 does not directly kill the insects but drives them away due to the volatile compounds in it as well as the production of esters resulting from the high lactic acid bacteria population. A rotation of Activated microbes, Fermented plant extract and EM-5 makes for a solid IPM program.

Shelf life is 90-180 days.


Material: EM-1/AEM, Blackstrap molasses, Vinegar, Alcohol, Water, Plant material(opt.)

5L of EM-5 (250ml EM-1/AEM, 250ml, Blackstrap molasses, 250ml Vinegar, 250ml Alcohol, 4L Water):

  1. Mix all the ingredients in a container and a small portion of the water
  2. Add any plant material with known pesticide properties and mix in well
  3. Fill the remaining of the container with warm water and close the lid.
  4. Let it ferment for 3-5 days in a dark place.
  5. Using a pH meter or paper check that the pH is 3.6 or below, when it does, let it ferment for another 5-7 days.
  6. When ready strain and store in an airtight container at room temperature away from sunlight. Shelf life is around 90 days.

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